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Design For….Webinar Series: Plastics Circularity Opportunities and Challenges

July 18 @ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Addressing plastic waste and transitioning to a low-carbon, circular economy are the biggest challenges faced
by the plastic industry globally. As a leading material science company, Dow is seeking, together with partners,
solutions based on advanced recycling, mechanical recycling, bio-based materials, and product innovations to design recyclable packaging formats. Dow has committed to accelerating the circular ecosystem by
transforming waste and alternative feedstock to deliver 3 million metric tons per year of circular and renewable
solutions by 2030.

REVOLOOP™ resins create a second life for plastic waste that would otherwise end up in landfills, incinerators, or litter in oceans and the environment. In the recycling industry, discarded plastic waste is hauled to a facility to be separated by hand and/or automation; bales of sorted and cleaned plastics are then reprocessed into pellets. Even the best post-consumer recycled (PCR) pellets are inherently inferior and can only be down-cycled or used at less than 100% of the virgin resin counterpart. REVOLOOP™ resins counterbalance PCR deficiencies by well-controlled waste collection system, proprietary performance boosters, and advanced processing to remove contaminants. Commercialization of REVOLOOP™ resin is the result of innovations in PCR characterization, new molecular design, and cost-effective manufacturing at world-scale. It has been demonstrated that polyethylene (PE) PCR can be up-cycled into film applications by designing tailored performance boosters to recover the performance.

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About the Speakers:

Akanksha Garg: Akanksha Garg earned her Ph.D. degree in computational mechanics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2014 and received her undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Kanpur, India, in 2009. She joined Dow in 2017 and is currently a Research Scientist in Product R&D, Packaging & Specialty Plastics. She has led the development and commercialization of novel polyethylene resins in industrial and consumer packaging, health and hygiene, and post-consumer recycle (PCR) resins. Plastic News recognized her as a ‘Rising Star’ in 2021. In addition, Dr. Garg represents Dow at the Society of Plastics Engineers as a board member, the Awards and Recognition team, and as a speaker at SPE conferences. She has also shown leadership in the community, being the president of the non-profit IIT Alumni of Greater Houston, is active in the Society of Women’s Engineers, as well as at Dow-sponsored STEM events.

Mahesh Sawant: Mahesh Sawant is a Senior Research Scientist in Plastics & Hydrocarbons business at Dow Chemical. He started his career at Dow in 2007 where he worked extensively on process development, scale-up and commercialization of bespoke products for multiple Dow businesses. In 2019, Mahesh moved to his current role in Plastics Circularity and Sustainability where he leads the technology validation and implementation of key projects globally for advanced recycling of plastics and leads methodology development, evaluation, and external communication of sustainable plastics LCAs. He actively coaches young engineers within the organization, mentors students via community STEM activities and is currently coaching research graduates from HBCU (NCA&T University) and Department of Energy on a government sponsored research program. Mahesh has received 6 Dow global technology innovation and business excellence awards for commercializing breakthrough processes and products and is a co-inventor of 14 granted US patents. He was recently featured in Americas Change Makers showcase by the ACC Plastics division.


July 18
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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