ANTEC 2024: The Glenn Beall Symposium

This year’s ANTEC was graced by a full-day Symposium dedicated to honoring Glenn Beall, a stalwart of the plastics industry and a luminary in plastic product design. With a career spanning more than six decades, Glenn’s contributions were celebrated alongside heartfelt recognition of his late wife and partner, Patsy.

Glenn Beall Speaking at the Symposium

The Symposium boasted an impressive lineup of 10 speakers, personally selected by Glenn, who delved into various aspects of his legacy. Len Czuba commenced proceedings with a poignant overview of Glenn’s life, setting the stage for Glenn himself to share memories and insights into effective plastic product design. Attendees were treated to Glenn’s trademark presentation style, complete with his classic visuals and engaging discourse, including an unexpected reference to Monica Lewinsky.

Following Glenn’s address, the Symposium showcased nine technical speakers, each representing one of Glenn’s renowned pillars of plastic product design: Design, Material, Mold, and Process. Topics close to Glenn’s heart, such as Rotational Molding, Thermoforming, and Additive Manufacturing, were also highlighted. Speakers included Michael Paloian, Mark MacLean-Blevins, David Tucker, Mark Wolverton, Mike Sepe, Ed Probst, Scott Peters, John Bozzelli (recorded earlier via Zoom) and Jon Ratzlaff who offered personal anecdotes and reflections on Glenn’s profound influence on their careers.

The Symposium culminated in a lively social, providing ANTEC attendees with the opportunity to mingle with Glenn, the speakers, and fellow industry enthusiasts. This memorable event was made possible through the generous sponsorship of SPE HQ, PD3, the Medical Plastics Division, the Rotational Molding Division, the Chicago Chapter, and the Plastics Pioneers Association. Moderated by Al McGovern and Erik Foltz, past and current PD3 Chairs respectively, the Symposium was a fitting tribute to Glenn Beall’s enduring legacy.

Albert McGovern

April 16, 2024