Newsletter 2024: The President’s Cup Award

Our Membership Chair Mark MacLean-Blevins was honored at ANTEC 2024 with the President’s Cup Award for his meritorious and outstanding service to SPE. The President’s Cup is an award that is given at the discretion of the SPE president, where only 65 individuals have been award this honor since its inception in 1958. Mark is certainly a worthy honoree. Since joining SPE in 2005, Mark has served in many roles for the PD3, from chair, membership chair and councilor. Mark has served with great dedication and has offered invaluable insight to the different groups to guide SPE and our division forward. He has always taken an active role in his volunteering, which he has stated has given him great benefit both personally and professionally. We took this time to ask him some of his favorite aspects and memories of his service during this time. Please enjoy, and reach out to Mark to congratulate him on this great honor!

Mark MacLean-Blevins Speaking after Receiving the President’s Cup from SPE Past-President Bruce Mulholland (holding cup). Mark’s wife, Kim, was also present for the ceremony.

Written by: Erik Foltz

April 22, 2024

Favorite Aspect of Being Active in SPE/PD3:

by Mark MacLean-Blevins

“As an independent design services provider, active participation in PD3 and SPE gives me an extensive network of professionals with expertise in most any aspect of plastics that I might need for any given project for a client. In fact, many of these professionals have become friends that have further strengthened my background through discussions of similar projects and experiences. In turn, I have been called upon by others for my opinion and assistance in areas where I could bring value to their particular project or issue to be solved.”

Favorite Memory of Active SPE Volunteering:

“There are many fond memories from volunteering within SPE, however, I would have to say that meeting other members and learning about their past successes and failures is perhaps the one highlight worth mentioning. Attending ANTEC each year and contributing through meetings and discussions has always been rewarding for me as well. Opportunities to attend various functions, like the dedication of the reading room at the Syracuse Library, or the gathering to celebrate Patsy Beall’s Honorary Membership in SPE, were also personal fond memories. In the end, it circles back to making and keeping good friendships with people in the industry from around the globe, people that we get to see each year at ANTEC to visit and share our lives with for a short time.”